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Founded in 2007, Sierra Construction Group LLC is 100% minority-owned and operated. Sierra Construction Group is a certified SBE/MBE/DBE in the State of Florida specializing in Commercial Construction and Renovations.

We pride ourselves on being client-centric, with solid relationships throughout the United States and overseas.

We have a team of highly skilled General Contractors, Graduate Architects, Engineers, and Project Management Professionals with a combined experience of 50 years.


Ethics and Compliance

Sierra Construction Group is committed to the highest ethical standards in everything we do. Throughout our Code of Conduct, we outline the primary legal guidelines and standard principles of conduct we expect our employees and business partners to follow. This Code was created for the sole purpose of helping recognize and resolve any ethical or compliance issues that may arise in our daily work.

Our number one priority is our employees’ and partners’ health and safety. Sierra Construction Group is committed to zero workplace incidents, as we believe no incident is unpreventable. We ensure this through safety walkthroughs, verification of competency, and safety training.

Sierra Construction Group is committed to providing high-quality services to all our clients by ensuring that the work is correct the first time. We provide the tools, training, and expertise needed to identify quality issues before they occur where possible and promptly fix them should they happen while capturing lessons learned within a collaborative workspace.

As a fast-growing MBE company, we leverage diversity through inclusion and empowerment that fosters respect and opportunities for everyone regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, or beliefs.

The following are some of the sustainability measures we take for every one of our Projects:

  • Apply lean and best practice construction methodologies whenever applicable
  • Value and protect the environment and wildlife at the construction site
  • Effective utilization and reuse of construction materials to minimize waste
  • Prevent site pollution and reduce water consumption
  • Control construction equipment emissions, noise, and generated dust
  • Ensure high-quality workmanship to prevent rework and scrap and reduce maintenance cost
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